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Neighborhood councils receive an annual budget from the City of Los Angeles to be used for neighborhood council activities including events, outreach, community improvement projects, and neighborhood purpose grants. Below you can find Harbor City Neighborhood Council’s prior budgets and monthly expenditure reports. Click on the City Clerks Funding Portal to see how the HCNC is spending funds by scrolling down to find Harbor City.


NPGs, or Neighborhood Purpose Grants, are a way for neighborhood councils to partner with and support non-profit organizations and public schools on projects that provide a public benefit to the community. Eligible organizations include 501(c)(3) non-profits as well as public schools. (Please note that grants cannot be issued to religious organizations or to private schools.)

These grants, which are typically between $500 and $5000, are awarded from the neighborhood council’s yearly budget.

Neighborhood councils currently receive $32,000 each fiscal year to use for operational expenses, outreach, community improvement projects, and Neighborhood Purpose Grants. Neighborhood councils are only able to roll over up to $10,000 from one fiscal year into the next. This means that towards the end of the fiscal year, especially during the months of March, April, and May, neighborhood councils often try to redirect unspent funds to the community through Neighborhood Purpose Grants.


A Neighborhood Purpose Grant must provide a demonstrable benefit to the community. An NPG activity should build community, enhance the neighborhood, and be open, accessible, and free to the general public. Projects may encompass a wide range and can include, but are not limited to:

• The Arts
• Beautification
• Community Support
• Education
• Community Improvements


How to Apply

1. Please review the grant application package from the City Clerk’s website.

2. Complete the 
application form.

3. Submit your application to Harbor City NC at With your submission, ask for your grant application to be considered at the next board meeting.

4. At the board meeting, plan to provide a brief presentation or explanation about your proposal.

The board will discuss your proposal and hear any comments from the public before voting on the NPG. Grants are approved by a majority vote of the board.

If you have any questions, please contact Harbor City NC at or the Office of the City Clerk, Neighborhood Council Funding Program at (213) 978-1058 or toll free at 3-1-1 or by email at

To view Harbor City NC NPG budget, visit the Neighborhood Council Funding System Dashboard at

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