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Board Members

There are a total of 20 Board Seats:


Jonathan Echavarria - President
Historical Preservation Chair

Dr. Nadine Diaz - Vice President

Area 3 Seat

Sharon Alvarez - Treasurer
Area 1 Seat

Renee Chavez - Secretary
Community Seat

Melissa Castro-Rowe
Area 4 Seat

Rafael Chagoya

Community seat

Ana Alvarez Donayre

Community seat

Leea Driskell-Garcia

Outreach & Communications Chair


Alex Flores

Community Seat

Veta Gashgai

Community seat

Shmuel Gonzalez
Rules and Elections Chair

Emily Grijalva
Area 2 Seat

Brenda Martinez
Transportation and Environment Chair

Yasmin Mata

Community Seat

Carlos Montes

Public Safety Chair

Maria Jose Olivia

Community Seat

Jesus Perez
Community Seat

Rosalinda Solis
Youth Seat

Janelle Valencia
Community Seat

Beatriz Zaragoza

Community Seat



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